Youth Exchange to Manila

 AYFN in cooperation with Ateneo Student Exchange Council (ASEC), Manila


Manila, June 6 – 12, 2011
What is the program?
IPYCEP is weeklong program on cultural exchange and friendship between Indonesian youth and Filipino youth. The theme of the program is “Unity is our soul”, which has a meaning to decrease clash of civilization, foster peace, and gain stable condition.  IPYCEP, taking place on June 6 – 12, 2011, in Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, will practice the student’s leadership skills and introduce them to international friendship that promote peace using the following inter-related activities.
Highlight programs:
  • Ø Learn and practice Filipino language
  • Ø  Learn and practice Filipino traditional dances
  • Ø  Learn and practice Filipino music
  • Ø  Food festival
  • Ø  Cultural performances
  • Ø  ASEAN forum group discussion
How does it work?
Participants will
Ø  Be part of a team, 20 people from Indonesia and some from Philippines
Ø  Be paired up with a counterpart from Philippines
Ø  Live and learn for one week in Ateneo de Manila University
What are the benefits for participants?
Becoming a participant at IPYCEP will give participants the opportunity to:
Ø  Learn more about how other people live — and about themselves
Ø  Gain experience and skills which will enhance their capacity
Ø  Do learn which is of practical value to people in Philippines
Ø  Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to play a positive role in their life
What are the objectives of the program?
  • Ø  To provide challenging intercultural learning experiences for young people
  • Ø  To promote their social and personal development through international friendship program
  • Ø  To promote intercultural understanding, equality of opportunity, tolerance and peace among people in the world.
  • Ø  To promote ASEAN community
Become participants, applicants must:
Ø  Be Indonesian citizen
Ø  Be between 17 – 25 years old
Ø  Be able to work independently and in team
Ø  Be healthy (physically and mentally)
Ø  Have a good communication skill
Ø  Be able to commit to a full time program (orientation program, program in Manila and prost-program)
Ø  Get permission from parents
Ø  Be able to pay program fee and registration fee.
How to apply:
Ø  Fill the application form (download at For alumnae, please contact the committee directly.
Ø  Send back the application form after being completed and must enclose all supporting documents (color recent photo, permission letter from parents, letter of acknowledgement of stating that able to pay the program fee, certificates if any) to
Program fee : IDR 3.000.000
Registration fee      : IDR 200.000
(All fees should be paid after being accepted as participant)
Registration deadline: APRIL 17, 2011
What do the participant’s fees pay for?
Selection process, orientation in Jogja (accommodation and meal is provided), accommodation and meal during program in Manila, Intensive Filipino Language Course, Filipino dance class, Filipino music course, T shirt, airport pick up and transfer, liaison officer, city tour in Manila, certificate, member card of AYFN and 24/7 In Country support.
What additional cost will participants have?
Airfare to and from Manila, passport fee, personal expenses beyond program, souvenir.
Ateneo Student Exchange Council (ASEC), Ateneo de Manila University.
Selection process:
First                : Administrative (documents)
Second          : Interview
Third               : Result
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