Community Engagement Program in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Summer Japan Experience Program 2020 in Osaka, Japan
Summer Korea Cultural Camp 2020 in Seoul, South Korea
Mini MBA Course in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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This non-degree program is for teachers of English or Indonesian-as-a-foreign language to teach Indonesian for one academic year at an American university. This is an opportunity to refine their teaching skills, increase their English-language proficiency, and extend their knowledge of...
Amsterdam, 15 – 20 March 2020 Do you have an idea of a business but do not know how to get started? Or you have a start-up and would like to develop it further? Then we would like to offer...
Experience Moscow: a trip to discover Cultural, Historical and Social aspects of Russia and Russians We invite you for the trip to Moscow where you will be offered a journey to a rich cultural and historical background of Russia. Despite...
Apakah Anda tertarik untuk meningkatkan level berbicara dan performa karir? Caranya adalah dengan mengikuti Workshop on Public Speaking  yang diselenggarakan oleh AYFN. “Public Speaking are The Act of process of making speech in public and the art of science of...
You are warmly invited to partake at Korea Cultural Camp by AYFN in Seoul, Korea. Experience the different culture and life experiences! Seoul, a city with fusion of the latest modernity and oriental tradition! Discover your potential!! OVERVIEW OF THE...
Osaka + Kyoto, 19 – 23  January 2020   Wanna know about Japanese Culture? Or experience to have Inter-cultural learning in line with making a friend? or just wanna see and travel to Kyoto and Osaka directly? AYFN is delighted...
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