Awardees’ of Spring Japan Experience Program 2024 Scholarship

The committees and board of judges congratulate on your scholarship award and may your future be bright and filled with success. Your scholarship award is a symbol of all the hard work and determination that you have put in and we are so proud of all that you have accomplished. Congratulations and may your future be as bright as your present.

Main awardees:

Jasmine Alanna JordanUnited State of America
Nguyen Thi KhuyenVietnam
Abir AbdelmalekTunisia

Important notes:

  1. Selected applicants will receive the confirmation email from AYFN.
  2. If the main awardees reject the scholarship offer and don’t send the confirmation letter within the deadline period (till 1 April 2024), the reserved awardee will take over. 

Best regards

The Admission Team of AYFN

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