Korea Cultural Camp 2017 (Autumn)


Dear distinguished prospective participants and advisors,

You are warmly invited to partake at Korea Cultural Camp by AYFN in Korea. Experience the different culture and life experiences! Korea, a country with fusion of the latest modernity and oriental tradition! Discover your potential!!

Experience Korea with the AYFN’s Korea Cultural Camp Program. This program is open to students/youth and learners desiring a short-term immersion program in Korean language and Korean culture. Prior knowledge of English is not required for students to participate in this program.

With the goal of increasing foreign students’ understanding of The Republic of South Korea, The AYFN Exchange Academy and local NGO are offering an invaluable Korean learning cultural immersion program. The program combines Korean language training with daily activities and cultural excursions to enhance the Korean experience. It’s open to international students with any level of Korean language ability

This entails a program which is specifically designed to offer Korean classes for students/youth from ages 15-27, as well as a chance for these students to gain a cultural understanding of Korea. This will be done through both visiting famous Seoul attractions and partaking in typical cultural activities such as experiencing Korean tradition (wear handbook), making your own Korean dumplings or learning about traditional Korean Calligraphy.

Our aim is to inspire the students to open their minds to other cultures and recognize the importance of language learning at the same time. We want the students to end their trip by leaving with a better knowledge of Korea and a firm basis of the Korea language.

Organizing committee

Korea Program by AYFN

Please kindly proceed to http://korea.ayfnhq.org

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