Announcement of AYFN Exchange Program Scholarship (Japan) – First round


We’d like to inform that AYFN received hundreds of  applications for AYFN Exchange Program Scholarship. Therefore,we are pleased to announce the names who passed the selection round 1 (documents selection), please see here LIST NAME OF SELECTED FIRST ROUND SELECTION
To continue into the second round selection process, applicants are required to make short video  (duration 1 – 3 minutes). The contents of the video must include: 
1. Personal Information (Family, hobby, education, experiences, organization, etc)
2. Why would you like to visit Japan with AYFN?
3. In the end of the video, you must attach this sentence ” Hi world. I wanna visit Japan with AYFN. So, I have applied the Exchange Program Scholarship provided by AYFN. I love AYFN, I love friendship.”
Please upload the video on youtube and  instagram (Tag as @ayfn_official ). Also, send the youtube link into before 10  April 2019.
Good luck and have a great day.
All the best
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