Inter-cultural Learning and Friendship Program #3

ILFriP #3 is week-long program on cultural exchange, youth exchange and friendship program. The program will take place on February 20 – 26, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. ILFriP #3 will give opportunity for Indonesian youth to have friendship network with their counterpart in Thailand.


➢ Learning Thai language and culture
➢ Practicing Thai dance and music
➢ Having seminar on tourism
➢ Holding art and culture exhibition
➢ Doing friendship activities for understanding and discussion
➢ Having cultural tour


➢ To promote inter-cultural understanding, equality of opportunity, tolerance and peace among youth.
➢ To provide challenging inter-cultural learning experiences.
To promote international friendship.
➢ To prepare young generation in welcoming ASEAN community 2015.

How will it work ?

Participants will:
1. Be part of team, some from Indonesia and some from Thailand.
2. Be paired up in some activities.
3. Live and learn for one week in Bangkok, Thailand.

Term of participation

Indonesian citizen, 17 – 25 years old, able to work independently and in team, healthy (physically and mentally), good communication, get permission from parents, and able to pay program fee.

How to apply ?

➢ Fill the application form ( application form ), the applications can be downloaded here : application form

➢ Send back the application form after being completed and enclosed all supporting documents (photo, permission letter from parents, Letter of Acknowledgement ILFriP, certificates if any, etc) to

PROGRAM FEE: IDR 3.200.000 (paid after passing the selection process)

Financial terms

➢ Included: Orientation, selection process, accommodation (airfare/flight is excluded) and meal during program, opening and closing ceremony, night party, airport pickup, Cultural Tour, T-Shirt, activities during program, certificate, member card of AYFN and 24/7 In Country support.

➢ Excluded: Airfare/flight tickets to and from Bangkok, passport fee, personal expenses beyond program, transfer to airport, souvenir.

Tentative plan of ILFriP #3

Day 1
Welcome to Thailand, introduction to the friendship program in Bangkok, safety issues, basic culture and history about Thailand, dinner and getting to know each other (participants, local partner).

Day 2
Thai language and culture class (learn basic letters and words of welcoming, greeting, short expressions, as well as learn about important and handy words which would help the participants while they interact with local people), Thai dance and music class.

Day 3
“Seminar on Tourism”, Thai language and culture class (learn more words and vocabulary to help you in daily use), Thai dance and music class.

Day 4
Thai language class (learn more words and vocabulary to help participants in daily use during in Thailand), dance class, visit foreign embassy, discussion and sharing experiences with Thai students.

Day 5
Thai language and culture class in the morning, art and culture exhibition.

Day 6
One day cultural tour in Bangkok, closing ceremony of the program, gift exchange.

Day 7
Preparing go back to Indonesia.

Persons in charge for ILFriP #3

AAN (0857 2926 8734)
APRESIAN (0856 4321 7047)

Further information:

ASEAN Youth Friendship Network
Office : Karangjati Indah Residence II, A9 – 6, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Telp : 0274 261 5463
Email : /

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