First round announcement, Summer Korean Culture 2023 (Scholarship Scheme)

Dear applicant of AYFN Scholarship to South Korea (Summer).

Thank you for your application to the AYFN Program Scholarship: Summer Korean Culture Camp 2023. We had exceptional applicants and limited slots for the scholarship to South Korea. We congratulate for applicants who passed to the next round.

1Nguyễn Diễm QuỳnhVietnam
2Christian Joy F. DominguianoThe Philippines
3Panisara Vongthaveephithayakul Thailand
4Huynh Thi My Hao Vietnam
5Lord Rugen Hizon The Philippines
6Kyla Alexandra Sy The Philippines
7Cut Farah Naza Adila Indonesia
8Israa JafferyIndia
9Diah Ilmi Rizqiana Indonesia
10Chrisa Grace Nada Indonesia
11Đàm Quang Trung Vietnam
12Alexis Olusola Oyediran USA
13Mohammad Haikal Afiq Bin Mohammad Hussin Malaysia
14Hoang Van Luc Vietnam
15Vu Thu Hang Vietnam

For applicants who were not selected to the next round, AYFN offers “Scholarship voucher” in the amount of USD 100. This voucher can be redeemed to partake in some of AYFN Summer Camp Program (self-funded Scheme), such as: Summer Japan Experience 2023; Summer Korean Culture Camp 2023; Inter-cultural Learning & Friendship Program in Bangkok, Thailand; and Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Camp 2023 in Bali. Note: the voucher can be transferable, therefore it is valid to be used by not only you (you can give the voucher to your family/friends/colleagues)

For unsuccessful applicants, you still have the opportunity to apply for the next Autumn Korean Culture Camp 2023. [Scholarship opportunity]: Autumn Korean Culture Camp 2023 in Seoul, South Korea . (You are not required to pay the selection/application fee again. Kindly attach the previous receipt.

Last but not least, we want to personally thank you for your interest in our scholarship and giving us the opportunity to learn a little bit about you. We wish you the utmost success throughout your time and encourage you to try applying the next scholarship program so we can get to know you more. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and thanks!

Admissions Team

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