Halo sabahat AYFN Academy yang berdomisili di Indonesia. Semoga sahabat dalam keadaan yang sehat dan semangat. AYFN Academy dan Cendekia Mendunia akan menyelenggarakan Inter-cultural Trip to Turkey 2022. Dalam trip ini, sabahat semua akan berkeliling ke beberapa kota di Turki...
You are warmly invited to partake at Korean Culture Camp by AYFN in Seoul, Korea. Experience the different culture and life experiences! Seoul, a city with fusion of the latest modernity and oriental tradition! Discover your potential!! Overview of the...
Bali International Youth Friendship Camp by AYFN is an experiential learning program designed for young people aged 15 to 35 years. It’s a beautiful journey of self-discovery where you deep diving into yourself with amazing people around the world. Bali...
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