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What is the best of us?
Look at the numbers and you will realize. Choosing this platform is the right choice.
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AYFN Academy as workshop platform
Mandatory and light explanation from us.

We do know that many people know AYFN Academy as organizer of exchange program or cultural experience that related to youth.

Start in 2020, we attempt to execute several ideas. One of them is AYFN Academy as workshop platform.

Since we have done making good impact in the past, now we want more than that. Not only youth, we also target almost all generations.

Let’s join us through this platform and be a part to make more good impact to the society especially for skill seekers.


Connect with Learners Online
Digital world problems require digital solutions.

Increase registration of your workshop by connecting with potential learners online.

You only need to focus on your workshop (prepare lesson and teaching). Let us helping you find potential learners.

We’ll promote your workshops to all our social media and our website.

Our team will help learners find and register for your workshop.

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How does it work?
Get to know how this platform will work.

Become an Educator in our platform and start increasing your brand awarness and earning more money.

Increase your brand awareness and open chance to meet new learners.

You will received online report by email when a learner registers for your workshop.

You are able to print or just view your learner list of your workshop days before workshop starts.

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Educator Testimonials
From time to time, you have made us realize the real needs of the digital world.
Use our website as your registration platform
Several things you need to know about our workshop platform. Not only to reach more learners but also you can cooperate with us.

You are potential educator, have a plan to organize your class but you don’t know how to start it. Let us help you to manage your first workshop.

You already have your big potential existing workshop & you need more assistance to full fill for whatever your needs. Contact us and let’s discuss more about it.

Since you already have your own market from your community / network, You will be charged only for administration fee.

We have several options include local bank, paypal, skrill, credit card, ovo, gopay, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions that disturb in your mind.

For updated price guideline, please kindly click:

The 5% fee goes to our marketing, administration and operational cost of our website and partly also goes to the payment processing gateway such as credit cards fee.
We try our very best to promote your class through all kind of marketing and if there’s no sign up through us you do not pay us anything and you get free promotion!
Our aim is to sell out your classes and we only earn if we find you a student.

Yes. Once you have submitted your class via our website, you will be given a referral link on which our system will detect and inform us if there is anyone register via the referral link. So you are encouraged to use the referral link to do your marketing. Any registration via this referral link will incur a lower charge fee than the normal 5% fee.

It depends, if you are actively organizing workshops or seminars or classes in your own venue space, you may register yourself or venue as an educator (with community status). However, if you just want to offer your venue as a workshop space, please kindly email us your venue photos and information to email: with subject: Venue Space and we will keep your venue in our list. In the event if a facilitator or teacher is looking for a venue to hold a workshop, we would recommend them your venue if it is acceptable.

We do not encourage class cancellation.
We would suggest that you still continue the class unless you have 0 attendee. Cancelling the class does not only disappoint the student but it also makes the student lose faith in your service. Put your best effort even if it is just one student and he/she will help you promote your next classes.
Another better suggestion would be postponing the class to a later date.
You will be charged with a processing fee of 3% of the total amount paid by the participant(s) who requested for refund due to the major change or cancellation made by you.

There is no guarantee that promoting your class through will make your class fully sold out. There are many other factors that can determine the sales of your classes although promoting through can help you establish your online presence and maximize your class exposure to our growing community. However, rest assured that we would put our best effort in exposing your classes to as many audiences as possible.

1. Relevant content and market trend depending on the content of your workshop, if the topic is interesting, relevant and popular on a particular season, most likely your class will sell.
2. The teacher
As a matter of fact, most of our students will always do a background check on the teacher before joining a class. If the personal branding of the teacher is impressive (for e.g. he/she has beautiful Instagram account or inspiring online profile), people will most likely
sign up for the class.
3. The perceived value
Perceived value is more than just the “Pricing”. Some classes can be free but no one attends. Some workshops can cost more than Rp 1,000,000 and yet the class can be fully sold out. It depends on the overall value a workshop has to offer to its potential students. The teacher or the content of the workshop must be able to match the expectation of the students.
4. The marketing collateral
In, we believe that first impression counts. It is that captivating images and catchy title that will gain the attention of your potential customers and make them want to click to your workshop registration page to find out more. That is why only good quality photos or product images can be displayed on our website. All other low standard images submitted by vendors will automatically be denied and will not be published.

We are not obligated to publish all of our educators’ classes on our social media. However, if your class is interesting and has a captivating high quality images, most likely we will feature them on our social media.

No, you don’t have to sign any physical contract with us. By clicking “I Agree” when you create a workshop on our website binds you to legally enforceable contract specified in the terms and conditions on the website.

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