Membership Guide

Your loyalty membership gives you access to a range of exclusive benefits the second you join the program.

In turn, we invest in the sector by offering a range of benefits, services and participation opportunities for our members, and by working with our membership community to ensure these continue to offer value and meet members’ diverse needs.


  • Discounts and inclusive services on our programs and consultancy.
  • Member’s rate: up to 20% extra off.
  • Members first invitations to our events.
  • Get first special offers from AYFN and sponsor.
  • Special access to attend AYFN’s events.
  • Opportunity to be involved in AYFN’s events for FREE.
  • Networks, information and advice.
  • Extensive free advice, information and support from AYFN Staff.
  • Free networking with our alumni.
  • Get in touch with another member on our platform.

Membership fee

  • Membership fee is USD 25. This membership payment is valid for 1 year only. Click here to pay!
  • For National of Indonesia and Timor Leste, the membership fee is Rp 200.000,-. Please pay the membership fee into Bank Mandiri, Account number:  137 001 6814 531 , Beneficiary: CV. CENDEKIA MENDUNIA

Promo Membership

(Until 29th February 2020)

Get 1 T-shirt from AYFN, For FREE! You automatically will get free 1 t-shirt from AYFN if you register now at this promo time.

(The shipping costs is borne by the recipient).

t-shirt ayfn

  1. Pay the membership fee
  2. Fill membership form. Click here to register!
  3. Get account approved notifcation
  4. Enjoy the benefit Membership of AYFN
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