Study Trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands

study trip to amsterdam

Have you ever considered studying for a Master’s in any European city? Would you like to learn more about scholarships from European universities for bachelor, Master or PhD? Are you thinking about continuing your education in Europe, particularly – in the Netherlands? Then we invite you for a Workshop on Education in Europe.

During the event, we will tell you about the educational system in Europe and scholarships available from European universities. The main emphasis will be made on universities in the Netherlands – we will discuss different universities in the Netherlands, their programs and scholarships. So if you want to study in Europe (especially – if you want to study in the Netherlands) and receive a scholarship for your studies – this workshop is for you!


What to expect?

Lectures of the educational system – we will provide you with a lecture on the educational system, we will tell about the education system in Europe with a special emphasis on Dutch features.

Information about scholarships – we will provide you information about scholarships at European and particularly Dutch universities – about available scholarships, requirements and application process.

  • Information about preparing the application – European standards, useful tips and necessary rules.
  • Visits to universities – we will visit some of the universities in the Netherlands, meet staff and learn about scholarships available from this particular university.
  • Visits to institutions providing scholarships – each university in the Netherlands has own programs of scholarships for foreign students. In addition to that, there are other institutions providing different types of financial support for foreign students. Will will learn about the opportunities they can offer.
  • Consultation on the educational program – we will conduct a consultation to help you to choose the program and prepare the application.

The aim of the course is to provide you with essential information which you need for education in Europe. Moreover, we will help you to choose the right university and prepare the application.

Special offer – all participants who will attend the course and will decide to apply for scholarships in Dutch universities will be offered individual consultation and guidance.

The Workshop will cover all the levels of education – Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. But the special emphasis will be made on Master studies including MBA studies (Master in Business Administration).

The Netherlands is a country which offers one of the largest numbers of scholarships for Master’s degree. We will discuss various options on how to apply and receive those scholarships.

If you want to continue your education in Europe but do not know how – this Workshop is certainly for you!


Students will be provided by accommodation for the whole period of the program. The accommodation will be provided in Amsterdam. Students will stay at a Guest House in the rooms for 2 people. The accommodation in a single room can be arranged for additional payment. Students will have access to the kitchen which they can use in case of need.

The accommodation is well connected by public transport with all the touristy places in the city. During the program the trainings will be conducted in the classroom which is in walking distance from the Guest House. Students will be provided with a detailed description of the venue and the information on how to reach it from the airport.

We offer comfortable accommodation where students can stay during the program and fully enjoy their time in Amsterdam!


  • The fee for the course is €650

Scheme of payment

  1. First payment : Euro 325 (We will produce the Visa Invitation letter. This payment is non refundable, but transferable to another program).
  2. Second payment: Euro 325. Max : 30 days before the program starts.

The fee includes

  • Accommodation (in Amsterdam)
  • The course (including all costs of the materials)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks)

The tickets to and from the Netherlands are not included in the price. The participants need to purchase their tickets additionally.


We provide a visa invitation for the visa to the Netherlands. Please note – visa invitation is not a visa – with the invitation that we will send, you will still need to go to the closest Dutch Consulate and apply for a visa.

Together with the visa invitation, you will need to provide other documents – usually, those documents include passport, passport size photo, filled application form, insurance, proof of means, proof of work/study and other documents. The list of the documents might slightly differ depending on the country where you apply for a visa. Please check the website of the closest Dutch Consulate to see what is the list of the documents you need to prepare.

In most of the cases before applying for a visa you need to make an appointment at the Consulate. Some times you can only make an appointment 1-2 months in advance. We recommend you to contact the Consulate as soon as possible to make an appointment.

The fee for the visa might differ depending on the country where you apply – you might have your visa free of charge or might need to pay for it 35 or 60 euro. Those are the fees in case you apply for a visa directly at the Consulate. If you apply via Visa Center of the Dutch Consulate, Visa Center, Travel agency or another organization – those organizations might charge extra fees for their services.

If you submit all the requested documents on time the chance for the rejection of a visa is very small. In our experience, the visas are mostly rejected if an applicant provides false information to the Consulate. This could be the major reason for rejections. We kindly ask you to check the documents before the application and make sure you only provide the correct information to the Consulate and in that case, you most probably will receive a visa without any difficulties.

And of course, if you have any questions regarding the visa application procedure we would be happy to assist at any stage of your application!


  1. Just click to apply via website on tab section form below.
  2. Or you could send an email to the following address –

Please indicate the following information in the text of the email:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Title of the course you are applying for
  • The reasons why you would like to join the course and the expectations you have from the course

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the course.


In case of any questions regarding the course – feel free to send us an email or text to +6281226033206

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