Ticket to join Summer Turkish Culture Program 2022

Ticket to join Summer Turkish Culture Program 2022


This payment contains USD 200 non refundable fee.

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Experience Turkey this coming summer with the AYFN’s Inter-cultural Program in Istanbul, Turkey. This program is open to public who desiring a short-term immersion program in Turkish culture. With the goal of increasing foreigners’ understanding of The Republic of Turkey, The AYFN Exchange Academy and local partner are offering an invaluable Turkish learning cultural immersion program. The program offers daily activities and cultural excursions to enhance the Turkish experience. This entails a program which is specifically designed to offer cultural understanding of Turkey. This will be done through both visiting famous Istanbul attractions and partaking in typical cultural activities such as experiencing Turkish tradition. Our aim is to inspire the students/young generation to open their minds to other cultures and recognize the importance of language learning at the same time. We want the participants to end their trip by leaving with a better knowledge of Turkey.

Turkish language learning

Participants will learn Turkish language with Native speakers. This course will be held 1 month before arriving in Turkey (10 hours lessons – basic Turkish language). It aims to give an understading of Turkish Language for participants. Therefore, participants will be able to practice their Turkish skill when in Turkey and ease them to communicate with locals.

Cultural immersion

Turkey has a total of 19 cultural and natural places inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as of 2021. From masterpieces of creative genius to beautiful natural landscapes, these wonderful sites reveal the most compelling chapters of Turkey’s history. You probably didn’t know these sites were in Turkey. Turkey is a land of incredible travel opportunities. Come and explore these natural, archaeological and historic wonders.    
Turkish Language Course Cultural immersion in Turkey
Time: Beginning of July 2022 Duration : 10 hours lesson Method : Online class Tutors : Native Date : 18 – 23 July 2022 Place : Istanbul and Cappadocia

Let’s join this extra ordinary program!!


  • Live for 6 days in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Learn and understand Turkish culture directly
  • Heritage tour to some interesting places
  • Experience to be like local people by experiencing the local traditions
  • Experimental learning
  • Certificate of participation from AYFN