The ASEAN Youth friendship Network is open for the partnership with other organizations who are interested in our work. Particularly we are open for the following forms of partnerships:

Participation in our programs/events. If you are a part of the organization which works with youth who might be interested in our programs/events – we would be happy to host the groups from you. And of course we can offer discounts for the participation fee if more people join from the same organization.

Representation of our Courses. We are looking for organizations who could represent our courses in their regions and spread information about the events.

Study Visits and Networking Event. If you are looking for a study visit or networking events in the ASEAN Region –we would be happy to organize it for you. Previously we have organized study visits to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia. You can let us know in which type of organizations you are interested in and we would organize it for you.

Promote your events/programs/courses at our website or social media (instagram, fanpage facebook, Twitter, email), so that you could attract many audiences. IT’S FREE.

If you are interested in partnership with us please send an email to and indicate “PARTNERSHIP” as the topic. Please describe in the email in which form of partnership you could be interested in. Or you can call us – +62 812 2603 3206.