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Announcement of ASC Program, Bangkok

Dear selected applicants CONGRATULATION! After reviewing and considering your application and essay, on behalf committee of AYFN Science Camp (ASC program) chapter Indonesia, we’d like to inform that you are selected and accepted to...


IVYFP & AISEF 2013 Result Announcement

Congratulation for all participant listed below. Decisions are made by the AYFN committee based on assessment from previous selection test.   Indonesia Vietnam Youth Friendship Program Selected Participant Art Immersion and Student Exchange Field...


AISEF Program Final Announcement

List applicants who passed the AISEF Program 1 Sarah Safira Umarghanies, Gadjah Mada University 2 Inovera Triyanlin, Sebelas Maret University 3 Bhekti Noor Firtiani, DiponegoroUniversity 4 Dinnaria Dara Qristivina, Padjadjaran Univeristy 5 Aldise Dyan...


IPYCEP #3 Announcement Result

Congratulation this is the list of delegates who’s been accepted for Indonesia Philippines Youth Cultural Exchange Program. LIST OF CHOSEN DELEGATES PARTICIPATING IN INDONESIA – PHILIPPINES YOUTH CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM #3 1. Eka Septia...