AYFN Membership Registration

Your loyalty membership gives you access to a range of exclusive benefits the second you join the program.

In turn, we invest in the sector by offering a range of benefits, services and participation opportunities for our members, and by working with our membership community to ensure these continue to offer value and meet members’ diverse needs.


Discounts and inclusive services on our programs and consultancy

  • Member’s rate : up to 20% extra off
  • Members first invitations to our events
  • Special access to attend AYFN’s events
  • Opportunity to be involved in AYFN’s events for FREE

Networks, information and advice

  • Extensive free advice, information and support from AYFN Staff.
  • Free networking with our alumni


Membership fee is USD 25 per year


  • Fill membership form, SIGN UP
  • Pay the membership fee
  • Confirmation
  • Enjoy the benefit of AYFN’s membership

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